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KPAC Solution's global reach has taken us across North America (including Mexico) and around the world.

KPAC Solutions (KPAC) or its principles have acquired numerous operating entities across three business spectrums: manufacturing, distribution and infrastructure construction/installation.

for many engine water pumps used across the entire automotive industry including almost all global market leaders. Plants located in France, Mexico and China, including responsibilities of worldwide distribution internally or through third parties. Customer base included Ford, GM, Chrysler, Audi AG, Hyundai Motor Co., Daewoo Motors, Magna International, ASC Industries, Cardone Industries among others.
(cherry pickers for the infra-structure and utility industry), with multiple assembly plants with after-market service centers along the entire eastern coastline of the USA and the Caribbean Islands.
including multiple fork lift models and truck and boom lifts, within a 650,000 square foot facility in the Texas and a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Mexico.
for the golf and major league sporting facilities throughout the USA. World-class, highly sophisticated plant located outside of Richmond, Virginia.
operating in 9 states with over 1,000 motorized vehicles including hundreds of construction sites with “work in process”. Customer base included majority of telephone companies such as Bell South, AT&T, Verizon and many others servicing traditional and cell phone customers throughout the USA. This construction company was licensed throughout the eastern United States, with multiple operational sites in multiple states having concurrent million+ dollar projects under construction.
with worldwide manufacturing assets located in North America (Mexican plant included), Europe and China. Global market share leader at the time of acquisition including at time of our exit strategy.
for the manufacturers of the printed circuit board industry in Europe, Asia, and the USA (worldwide operations with manufacturing and distribution assets deployed at time of our seamless accelerated acquisition strategy).

KPAC has either acquired
companies from
or sold companies to

(in three cases included both
with the same seller):
  • Able Telecom
  • Noble
  • Terex
  • Southeastern Public Service
  • Kennametal
  • Triarc (now known as Triard)
  • Smiths Group PLC (British based public seller)
  • Lesco (now part of John Deere)
  • Standex
  • Eagle Picher (large private owner with $1 Billion plus public debt)

KPAC’s acquisitions are normally found within three national/globally related circumstances, (i) global surplus capacity on an industry wide basis, requiring the elimination of manufacturing/distribution/construction facilities/operations to balance out supply and demand requirements, (ii) global economics requiring relocation to possible cheaper countries to compete, or (iii) competition has developed a superior process and/or product requiring competition to invest large CapEx to compete on a nationwide or global scale (sometimes it can be all three of these to some degree).  It is within the above three dire circumstances (including this additional current terrible virus epidemic) that KPAC swiftly acquires manufacturing, distribution and infra-structure construction subsidiaries or carve-outs of the Fortune 1000 (or with minimum revenues of $1Billion plus).  This has been KPAC’s only focus during our entire existence.

With little exception KPAC’s exit strategy
is selling to a well-established industry competitor
(most times a publicly traded concern)
generally on a global scale.